Gaeta and its surrounding

Thanks of its beautiful coastline, crystal clear beach, clear sea and places to visit, Gaeta each year receives thousands of Italian and foreign visitors from all over the world. Since the Romans, Gaeta was a very popular tourist destination, visited by emperors, senators, consuls and wealthy Roman patricians, and was even built a new road to facilitate their coming, called Flacca.
The Hotel Torre San Vito, who will advise and organize excursions to the surrounding area, including the islands (Ponza, Ventotene).

View and / or download the brochure on Gaeta and surroundings (excluding islands): click here.

Since the above brochure does not includes the islands of Ponza and Ventotene, here some pictures. Those two beautiful islands can be comfortably reach by hydrofoil or ferry, you can visit them during the day and return in the evening in our hotel.

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